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We’re Reckless Night Music—Raymond Scott’s family—and we’re hosting ScottWorks | The Raymond Scott Festival to honor our dad’s groundbreaking impact on music, culture and technology. He was born in September 1908, so we’re celebrating what would have been his 110th birthday—and you’re invited to celebrate with us.



Our daytime event will celebrate Scott’s creative and technical legacy, with music, panel discussions on Scott-related themes, and interactive exhibits. The ScottWorks symposium will pay tribute to the many facets of Raymond Scott’s life and work, including:

Raymond’s Merry Melodies: An animated conversation

The Inventions: Machines you’ve heard of—and some you never imagined

Raymond Scott’s Music in Film: A dialogue with directors and music supervisors

The Electronium: History, restoration, reincarnation

Raymond Scott and Bob Moog: Productive teamwork from two electronic music pioneers

The 1937-’39 Quintette Music: Inside the notes and chords

Raymond Scott and Sun Ra: Two artists in outer (and inner) space

Plus much more!


We’ve invited some special guests to contribute to the event: some who worked alongside him, and some who were inspired by him.  Current invitees who are planning to attend include:

  • Tiffany Anders: musician, music supervisor and music writer who curates the Don’t Knock the Rock Film and Music Festival.
  • Jerry Beck: writer, animation producer, Cal Arts college professor and author of more than 15 books on animation history. Founder of Animation Research and a former studio exec with Nickelodeon Movies and Disney.
  • Dave Brown: 34 years at Tektronix working in Computer Graphics and Video & Networking. Now retired, has time for his hobbies–including a working version of the Raymond Scott Circle Machine that he’s bringing to the festival!  Also volunteers at Tektronix Museum.
  • Irwin Chusid: Raymond Scott historian/album producer, WFMU DJ, administrator for catalogs of Raymond Scott and Sun Ra
  • Jeremy Cohen: Leader of three-time Grammy-nominated Quartet San Francisco, who have recorded string quartet versions of Scott tunes
  • Hoby Cook: Scott Motown colleague and the only musician other than Scott to play and compose on the Motown Electronium
  • Darren Davison: Engineer with extensive technical knowledge of the Electronium from his five-year restoration project
  • Herb Deutsch: Co-inventor of the Moog synthesizer, 1964; Professor Emeritus of Music, Hofstra University; Raymond Scott colleague
  • Dr. Les Deutsch: NASA scientist, jazz musician, arranger of Scott compositions
  • Daniel Goldmark: Professor of Music and Director of the Center for Popular Music Studies at Case Western Reserve University; author/editor of Tunes for ‘Toons: Music and the Hollywood Cartoon and The Cartoon Music Book.
  • Skip Heller: Guitarist, singer, composer, producer, music journalist, historian; arranged Scott’s “Powerhouse” for the Bernie Mac Show
  • Jack Hertz: Artist/programmer/synthesist; producer of the Biography: Raymond Scott compilation; curator of the Encyclotronic electronic music archive
  • Brian Kehew: Musician, historian, co-author of Recording the Beatles
  • Tom Rhea: Berklee College Electronic Music professor (ret.); Sr. Advisor, Electronic Music Education And Preservation Project; worked with Scott on electronic instrument marketing
  • Jeroen van der Schaaf: Managing Director, Basta Music
  • Byron Werner: the man who rediscovered Raymond Scott, leading to the early ’90s revival
  • Hal Willner: Grammy-winning producer of albums by Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, Lucinda Williams, and others; SNL sketch music adaptations, Executive Producer of the Raymond Scott CD Reckless Nights and Turkish Twilights
  • Jeff Winner: Raymond Scott historian/album & concert producer


This unique concert will be an evening filled with interpretations of Raymond Scott’s timeless music, including electronic music performances. Jeff Winner will produce a tribute to Scott’s legendary creativity, which will feature Quartet San Francisco–3-time Grammy nominees who play string quartet versions of modern music,  here’s their YouTube performance of The Penguin, and Skip Heller’s Reckless Night Ensemble —Skip is a real authority on Raymond Scott (he’s featured in Deconstructing Dad), and his group will be playing tunes from across the Scott spectrum.  We’ll also have some very special surprise guests!



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