"Raymond Scott is one of the greatest music technology innovators of the 20th century."
Matt Black (Coldcut)

In pursuit of the perfect sideman

The second collection of Raymond Scott electronica is available. Three Willow Park: Electronic Music from Inner Space, 1961-1971, features 61 previously unreleased recordings from the decade before Scott left New York to work in L.A. for Motown. Most tracks were recorded on devices Scott invented, and his Motown Electronium is heard for the first time on disc. The 3-LP/2-CD set serves as a companion to the Y2K collection Manhattan Research, Inc.

Many tracks feature hypnotic rhythms played by the Electronium—an invention which composed and performed using programmed intelligence. That Scott produced beat-oriented proto-techno before the 1970s explosion of electronic music and rhythms on the pop charts is a significant achievement that should not be overlooked. Three Willow Park includes an extensive booklet with historical chronicles, photos, a timeline, family remembrances, track notes, and ephemera. The album, on Basta, was produced by Gert-Jan Blom, Irwin Chusid, and Jeff Winner. Watch a short promotional 3WP video clip here. And learn more about Scott's electronic music career in Artifacts from the Archives, a FREE 349-page downloadable compendium of artifacts and ephemera, including previously uncirculated historic material.

ScottWorks | The Raymond Scott Festival



It was held on September 8, 2018...and it was a wonderful day.

A daytime symposium on themes that range from Raymond Scott's 1930s jazz to his ​19​​50s & '​6​0s electronica

Interactive exhibits with displays and instrument replicas

An evening concert celebrating the multi-dimensional music of Raymond Scott, featuring Quartet San Francisco and Skip Heller's Reckless Night Ensemble

Check out our Festival webpage for much more information on the program.