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2013735-59654_bugs_bunnyRaymond Scott’s music has a long history of association with cartoons and animated films. The tables below chronicle Scott tunes heard in Warner Bros., Ren & Stimpy, The Simpsons, and other animated features.

The Scott composition heard most often in cartoons is “Powerhouse,” which consists of two distinct sections which are immediately recognizable to every Earthling: part “A” has a zooming, cat-chase-mouse feel, while part “B” is the mechanical “assembly-line” riff. A video montage of “Powerhouse” (parts A and B) compiled from Warner Bros. cartoons can be found here.

Ironically, Scott never composed scores for cartoons! How did his music get in these kinetic comic books? Read Accidental Music for Animated Mayhem” to get the backstory.

The Simpons Family —> Warner Bros. cartoons

—> Ren & Stimpy episodes

—> The Simpsons … and other cartoons

—> Commercials, films, and videos

If you’re an animator or filmmaker and would like to use Scott music in your production, read here.

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