Raymond Scott: Rediscovering the Forgotten Wit of Jazz

I completed a thesis on the music of Raymond Scott in 2006 as part of my study in the Rutgers University Jazz History and Research program. “Completion,” in this sense, is a euphemism for the abandonment necessitated by academic deadlines. Scott’s career is vast and fascinating enough to involve many lifetimes of research and discussion.  While I plan to devote more of my own to such things when I have the resources, I am excited to have the opportunity to now share this text with interested fans and scholars.

The entire thesis — all 183 pages — can be downloaded here for free in pdf format.

My thanks to Irwin Chusid, Jeff Winner, Gert-Jan Blom, and the Scott family for their continued support of this work — and to you for your interest. I look forward to any comments you have.

Corey Goldberg


Scott notating charts ca. 1938

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