This section offers articles and chronicles about the life and music of Raymond Scott. At present there is no book about Scott, but if Scott’s legacy were anthologized, these pages could be chapters.

Raymond Scott Timeline: from 1908 to the present
Artifacts from the Archives: FREE 349-page pdf chronicle of Scott’s career in electronic music
The Cartoon Connection: A history of Scott’s music in cartoons
Pearl Winters: a 2000 interview with Scott’s first wife
Bob Moog: a 1993 interview with the legendary synth inventor and Scott colleague
Tom Rhea: a 1997 interview with an electronic music authority who worked with Scott
Guy Costa: a 1996 interview with a Motown exec who worked with Scott
Memorial Address: Irwin Chusid’s 1994 address at a New York memorial for Scott

Montage by I.C.

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