Videos with Scott Music

Egg Banking commercial (2007), with Raymond Scott’s “Baltimore Gas & Electric Co.” from Manhattan Research, Inc.

Visa commercial (2006) with Scott’s “Powerhouse

Carl Stalling “Powerhouse” Montage: Scott’s most famous tune as adapted in various Warner Bros. cartoons. Produced for the DVD Looney Tunes Golden Collection, Vol. 4, released by WB November 2006. A list of the cartoon excerpts featured can be found here.

“Powerhouse” (1938), performed by the Philharmonicas, from a Vitaphone short

British Pathé Newsreel (1939): The Cracraft Electronic Orchestra (“the first all-electric orchestra”) plays Scott’s “Powerhouse.”

Limbo: The Organized Mind (1966): Animation by Jim Henson, electronic musique concrète score by Raymond Scott. The film’s narrator (Henson) guides us through the recesses of his complex mind.

Tic-Tacs (2006): two short commercials for Tic-Tacs featuring Raymond Scott electronic music from Manhattan Research, Inc.

Tin Town (2005): Hyperactive antique wind-up toys set to Scott’s “Square Dance for Eight Egyptian Mummies” from Microphone Music. Producer: Sarah Wasley-Smith; Film and Sound Editor: Rachel Smith; Cinematographer: Rachel Messer.

The Chimney (2005): The lengths to which one chain-smoker will go to feed his craving. Soundtrack: “Powerhouse,” by the Raymond Scott Quintette. Short film by Steve Cloutier.

Uh-Oh: A Brief Encounter (2006): Little green aliens on a distant planet confront a team of visiting astronauts. Soundtrack: Scott’s electronic version of his “The Toy Trumpet.” Directed by Joe Henke.

If you’re an animator or filmmaker and would like to use Scott music in your production, read here.

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