Music Licensing

Raymond Scott by Drew FriedmanIf you’re interested in licensing Raymond Scott music for a project—film, animation, commercial, theater production, video game, TV or radio show, student work—please contact us. We control hundreds of master recordings, as well as the publishing rights on many of these recordings. These recordings cover a multitude of styles, including (but not limited to):

Each category above is linked to streaming audio on our site. These playlists represent only part of our catalog. If you discover a Raymond Scott recording or composition which is not included and want to license it, contact us so we can advise you on rights ownership.


The Licensing Process

In order to use music in your soundtrack, you need two licenses: 1) the recording (the “master“), and 2) the publishing (commonly referred to as “sync,” short for synchronization). If you record your own version of the work, you only need the sync license from the publisher, since you will likely own your recording.

If you are interested in using a Scott work for which Reckless Night Music LLC (the Scott heirs as rightsholders) owns the master and publishing, we can issue a license for “both sides” (a.k.a. one-stop). If we control the master but not the publishing, we can put you in touch with the publisher and help you negotiate a rate for your usage.

Rates are scaled to usage, depending on whether your project is commercial or non-commercial, and what rights you are seeking (e.g., festivals, TV, theatrical, web, commercial product, student project), as well as the territory, the duration of the music, and the  term of the usage. If you’re a seasoned professional, we can explore your options. If you’re a first-film director or student, we’re happy to guide you thru the process.

Raymond Scott by Marc Crisafulli

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