Manhattan Research, Inc. (electronic)

MRIAfter his early work in jazz, Scott become a pioneer in the field of electronica, minimalism, and ambient music. Manhattan Research Inc. (released on Basta in 2000) is a 69-track anthology featuring over two hours of Scott’s unreleased electronic recordings from the 1950s-’60s. These works feature homebuilt music machines like the Electronium, Clavivox, Circle Machine, Bandito the Bongo Artist, and more. Scott was one of the first to use electronic music in commercial jingles, many of which can be heard on MRI. His electronic works include film soundtracks, pop instrumentals, sonic experiments, and musique concrète. Below are excerpts from selected album tracks. Buy the full album or single tracks at: iTunes. Amazon.

  1. Portofino No. 1 Raymond Scott 1:36
  2. Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. Raymond Scott 1:14
  3. BC 1675 (Gillette Conga Drum) Raymond Scott 1:48
  4. Night And Day Raymond Scott 1:22
  5. In The Hall Of The Mountain Queen Raymond Scott 0:50
  6. Bandito The Bongo Artist Raymond Scott 1:21
  7. Lightworks (Instrumental) Raymond Scott 1:13
  8. Cindy Electronium Raymond Scott 1:22
  9. County Fair Bread (Instrumental) Raymond Scott 0:36
  10. Cyclic Bit Raymond Scott 1:03
  11. Portofino No. 2 Raymond Scott 1:31
  12. Sprite Melonball Bounce (Instrumental) Raymond Scott 1:02
  13. GMGM 1A Raymond Scott 1:14
  14. Auto-Lite Sta-Ful (commercial) Raymond Scott 0:45
  15. The Toy Trumpet Raymond Scott 1:24
  16. Domino Raymond Scott 0:31
  17. The Pygmy Taxi Corporation Raymond Scott 2:31
  18. IBM Probe Raymond Scott 1:32
  19. Lady Gaylord Raymond Scott 1:02
  20. Twilight In Turkey Raymond Scott 1:29
  21. Nescafé Raymond Scott 0:58
  22. Ripples (Montage) Raymond Scott 0:47
  23. Space Mystery (Montage) Raymond Scott 1:23
  24. The Bass-Line Generator Raymond Scott 1:38
  25. Wheels That Go Raymond Scott 0:51
  26. When Will It End Raymond Scott 1:32

If you’re an animator or filmmaker and would like to use Scott music in your production, read here.
All compositions by Raymond Scott © Gateway Music (ASCAP), except:
The Toy Trumpet and Twilight in Turkey © Music Sales Corp. (ASCAP)

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