The Secret 7: The Unexpected

During the late 1950s, Scott explored modern jazz and worked with small ensembles. His 1960 album The Secret 7: The Unexpected featured an all-star line-up, the cream of New York’s jazz cats: Sam “The Man Taylor,” Harry “Sweets” Edison, Wild Bill Davis, Milt Hinton, Elvis Jones, and others. The names were not revealed on the LP, but as jazz historian Nat Hentoff stated in the liner notes: “Jazz aficionados will instantly recognize the players.” The album featured a mix of Scott originals and standards. Below are excerpts of five Scott original tunes included on the album. Buy the full album or single tracks at: iTunesAmazon.

  1. A Message From Where Raymond Scott & the Secret 7 1:48
  2. In The Beginning Raymond Scott & the Secret 7 1:37
  3. Jill Raymond Scott & the Secret 7 1:22
  4. March Of The Diddles Raymond Scott & the Secret 7 1:40
  5. Waltz Of The Diddles Raymond Scott & the Secret 7 1:45

If you’re an animator or filmmaker and would like to use Scott music in your production, read here.

All compositions by Raymond Scott © Gateway Music (ASCAP)

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