Sheet Music

We have a collection of vintage and contemporary arrangements of Raymond Scott’s works. These charts are not commercially available, but we provide them in pdf format at no charge to interested musicians, conductors, bandleaders, and academic groups. We have arrangements for piano, sextet, and/or small orchestra (12-15 parts), as well as several larger arrangements, some unusual instrumental settings, and some basic lead sheets. They can be downloaded from the following folders:

Powerhouse (organ)

Sextet (a.k.a. “The Raymond Scott Quintette”)



Secret 7



Suite for Violin and Piano

Miscellaneous arrangements


NOTES on the folders:

Publishers for the various titles are Gateway Music (a division of Reckless Night Music LLC) or Music Sales Corp., as indicated on each chart.

We would like to thank Les Deutsch for transcribing many of the classic Quintette arrangements.

The Piano/Organ folder contains two 1940s arrangements of “Powerhouse” for four hands (one piano/two pianos) by someone named “Leonard Amber.” That’s a pseud for Leonard Bernstein, who was creating arrangements as a sideline early in his career.


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